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Why Blockchain Technology

has a goal of creating a combined eco-system of freelancers from all corners of the globe. To do this we will utilize blockchain technology to curate different opportunities for members and help spread our audience across different platforms and niches. Web3 servers as an alternative onboarding method for freelancers compared to the traditional username and password.

Web2 vs Web3


  • Centralized Authority: Web2 relies on centralized services, which means that users have to trust the service provider with their data.
  • Email & Password: The most common method of authentication is via email and password.
  • Data Storage: User data is typically stored in centralized databases, managed by the service provider.
  • Privacy: The service provider often has access to user data, which may be used for analytics or advertising
  • Payment Methods: Traditional financial systems like credit cards and bank transfers.


  • Decentralized Authority: Web3 platforms often operate on decentralized networks, offering users more control over their data.
  • Cryptographic Authentication: Users commonly authenticate via cryptographic keys. No email or password is necessarily stored on a centralized server.
  • Data Storage: Data can be stored on decentralized networks, giving users full ownership and control.
  • Privacy: Generally, Web3 offers greater privacy, as data is cryptographically secured and may not be accessible by any central authority.
  • Payment Methods: Cryptocurrencies and tokens are commonly used for transactions.

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80% of our NFT proceeds will go back to powering Freelancer Nation

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What is the Freelance Nation NFT collection?

Our NFT collection is a set of unique, digital assets on the blockchain. Each NFT serves as both a collectible and a gateway to our Web3-enabled services.

How does the NFT collection serve as a Web3 onboarding method?

Owning an NFT from our collection provides access to Web3-enabled features like decentralized job contracts, crypto payments, and a stake in our community governance.

How do I buy a Freelance Nation NFT?

Freelance Nation NFT's will be available to be purchased off our marketplace which is currently still in construction. To do so you will need a web3 wallet - we recommend Metamask.

Is it safe to invest in an NFT from Freelance Nation?

Safety is our top priority. Our NFTs are minted on secure, widely-recognized blockchains. However, as with any investment, it's important to do your own research.

What is the price of the Freelancer Nation NFTs

The price of our NFTs are undisclosed and will be announced when our NFT sale goes live.

What is the Floor Price?

The floor price is referred to as the lowest price that someone has listed their NFT for on a marketplace for any given NFT collection. This is generally the set determined price by the holders of the NFT collection. If you list your NFT to sell for higher than the floor price than you will have trouble selling as new buyers will generally buy off the floor (the cheapest NFT available of a collection).

Can I resell my NFT

Yes, you can resell your NFT on our official marketplace for whichever price someone is willing to buy it at. Generally this would be the floor price of any NFT collection

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1000 NFT Access Passes

More than a profile picture, our NFT Access pass will act as your exclusive gateway into our freelancing eco-system with real utility including membership, jobs, networks, mentorship, and resources for all your freelancing needs.

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