The Pro Plan is for...

The Pro plan is for freelancers who are in the establishment stage and like an extra boost in your Entrepreneurship journey. You want to learn to grow your business, sharpen your business acumen, enhance pitching capabilities, creating good portfolio and build a network of support. We are here to journey with you:

  • Curation to identify their level of capabilities among peers under CAW Branding.
  • Curated job opportunities.
  • Priority in CAW’s Job Assignments.
  • Co-pitch for projects with CAW.
  • Half-yearly networking sessions.
  • Grow in Freelancer Nation’s Ecosystem and access to CAW broad network.
  • Be part of CAW Community Initiatives.
  • Opportunities to be involved in one another's work expertise areas for exposure and expansion of insights.
  • Insights into Web3 and First dibs on NFT purchases.
  • Special invites to Events and Training Workshops.
  • Add-on Option for Accounting package (available only for 12-months subscribers), or Social Media Marketing packages.
$240 SGD