Lite Plan is for...

The Starter plan is for freelancers who are starting out on your freelancing journey and may lack the network to provide support and opportunities. You may be dabbling in this career plan and have given yourself a specific period to see if it is a viable path for you. Our Starter plan will provide you with insights and support to guide your initial exploration as you find your foothold in this Entrepreneurship journey.

  • Monthly Curated sessions with Domain experts.
  • Half-yearly networking sessions.
  • Grow in Freelancer Nation’s Ecosystem and access to CAW broad network.
  • Be part of CAW Community Initiatives.
  • Insights into Web3 and First dibs on NFT purchases.
  • E-learning Platform and Productivity Tools (*free access tos elected e-Learning courses)
  • Special invites to Events and Training Workshops (Special discount)
  • Add-on Option for Accounting package (available onlyfor 12-months subscribers), or Social Media Marketing packages.
$240 SGD