Desmond Chua

Founder at Fresh Eyes, Co-founder at Statement

I’m thrilled that Freelancer Nation is providing freelancers what they need most in their growth journey — Mentorship, Training, Networking, Opportunities, and a platform to share resources.  I’m excited to be onboard Freelancer Nation as a mentor, where I will offer personalised guidance and support to help aspiring freelancers thrive.  I strongly believe that a positive mentorship experience can turbocharge a freelancer’s personal and business long term growth. 

Desmond is passionate about how minds work and how change happens. After ten years of experience in running businesses, design and user research, he has noticed people and businesses struggle to move forward due to a lack of clarity and the confidence to take action. Using a wide variety of mental frameworks and tools, he works closely with them to bring awareness, inner change, and actionable steps for moving forward.

Desmond specialises in business strategy, system building and optimisation, customer research, referral marketing, user experience, and design.

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